We love to work with artists! These creative entrepreneurs inspire and encourage us. We value you and your thoughts. We aim to listen to and learn from you – regarding what products we promote and how we can partner to support the arts. We hope that as an artist, we you will find Greens to feel like home. Here are some reasons that Greens might be perfect for you, the artist:

  • The Products and Brands You Trust: Greens is specifically focused on the fine arts, so we pride ourselves on providing you with the quality products you are seeking. Like you know, all art materials aren’t equal, so we hope to supply you with beautiful products that you are excited to create with. You have a lot of options for average art materials, but we look to offer the best. We also rely on our artists to let us know what products they desire most; and because of our distribution connections and years of experience, we can most likely get it.
  • We Stay Relevant and Educated: We continue to educate ourselves on the newest products and materials. We dialogue with other artists to stay on top of trends, and we attend yearly art conferences in order to know and understand the upcoming releases. Our employees receive training and attend product demonstrations so that we can help you might you have any questions.
  • We Can Help You Make Space for Art: We not only carry art materials, we have all of the easels, tables, lamps, and storage options that you need to design your creative space. It’s as simple as this: we can get more done, and enjoy ourselves more, when we can pick-up where we left-off and when we can find everything we need with ease. You and your art deserve it!
  • The Prices You Can Afford: The phrase “starving artist” exists for a reason. We want to do our part to make sure you are a “thriving artist”. Here at Greens we hope to offer value along with quality! Whether it be through our variety of sale items, our discount program for frequent shoppers, or our tiered “good, better, best” options available in certain lines of products, we want to make art accessible no matter the budget.
  • We Can Help you Display your Art: If your final product requires framing, we have a professional framer who can assist you in finding the perfect options for you. We can also help you think through creative ways to display non-framed art.
  • Our Commitment to the Art Community in Michigan: Just like any artist, Greens Art Supply has been shaped by the community we are a part of. We are grateful for our home, and we look to support the arts in schools, studios, street fairs, galleries, and in camps all over Michigan. We would love to partner with you too!