Introducing the Greens Art Supply Blog!

Hello and welcome to the first Blog entry on the GAB: Greens Art Blog! That’s right, we named our blog “gab”. This blog is part of our brand new website, which we are very excited about! We hope you enjoy poking around and exploring everything (perhaps you are already doing this which has brought you here!). If you haven’t looked around too much yet, allow me to serve as bit of a guide.

The new has been split into a few key sections. Not surprisingly, one of our key areas is our Online Store, the virtual Greens. We are excited about this feature because, as opposed to our past website, our new site will more accurately show what we have in stock and what we normally carry. This will allow our customers to shop confidently, whether using our online store to scope out our stock before traveling to Greens of Rochester, or in order to make secure purchases from the convenience of their computer. We will know the minute an online order is placed, and can get products shipped quickly around the corner or across the country. Each product has its own page, with descriptions and varieties available. As it currently stands (August 2015), we have about 130 products uploaded, representing the items that are included in our printed 2015-2016 Art Educator’s Catalog. We hope to have our entire inventory on here in the next few months. If there is a product you are looking for that you don’t see online, be sure to contact us – chances are we have it! Call us at 248-651-3900.

In addition to our online store, we also have pages dedicated to our specific and valued customers! Most of our customers can fall into one of these categories: Artists, Art Educators, Students, and/or Families/Kids. Chances are you actually fall into a couple of these categories. Each of these pages will have specific information on how Greens can serve you best. We value you(!), so these pages will speak to the ways that we plan to “collaborate (…and listen)” to get you the art materials you need. Sometimes you just need to quote lyrics.

We are also working on a Specials page, which we’ll roll out this Fall, where we will let you know about any clearance items or any deals from our vendors that we can pass along to you.

Finally, you will want to check our Events page regularly. There is always something happening at Greens, so this page will allow you to see what is coming up next. We will list everything on our calendar, and will also do a blog entry any time a new event is announced. What kind of events do we host? Greens Art Supply hosts a number of classes and workshops in our classroom space; we bring in vendors to demonstrate new products and other experts to show how you can use the materials we sell; we display the art of local classrooms and artists; we host fundraisers, offer special incentives, and partner with other businesses in Rochester. In addition, Downtown Rochester has a number of fun city-wide events that we participate in, and we love to meet all of the folks that come out to have a good time. We hope to meet you soon! Visit this page to see what is coming up!

Well, I think that covers it. We are excited for you to check out this new website, and please be sure to give us any input or feedback on ways we can make it better to serve you. We look forward to keeping you informed, and providing you with quality art materials and events, so be sure to keep checking out the GAB: Greens Art Blog, as well as our Facebook site.

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