Kids & Families

We get to meet and work with a lot of artists, but our favorite customers are still the youngest ones who are inevitably just getting started. Art is not only fun, it benefits the heart and mind of the artist! Art benefits the community! Art creation is not only a good way for kids to spend their time, it is a good replacement for the ways we don’t want them to their spend time (a maximum of 2 hours of screen time per day is recommended)! Can you tell we are passionate about this stuff? We believe that giving the gift of art, by way of materials and education, is about the best gift we can give to the youngest.

You might not know this, but Greens Art Supply is a wonderful place to shop for the growing artist. From our specialized art materials and sets specifically geared towards kids (shop here), to our classes and workshops designed to get their creative juices flowing (find calendar here), we love our kiddos. Come visit us today!