Dazzling Metallics Acrylic Colors, DecoArt


color White Pearl Purple Pearl Black Pearl Emperors Gold Champagne Gold Oyster Pearl Copper Espresso Moss Pearl Olive Pearl Dark Patina Silver Sage Festive Green Festive Red Splendid Gold Mink Pearl Metallic Berry Metallic Amethyst Metallic Teal Shimmering Silver Glorious Gold Venetian Gold Bronze Royal Ruby Ice Blue Crystal Green Bright Copper Rose Gold Bright Brass Coral Scarlet
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Made with finely ground metal flakes, these bright, water-based, non-toxic acrylic colors are ideal for adding metallic accents to most projects. They offer vibrant, glittering colors from delicate translucent pastels to deep, rich shades. They can be used on wood, canvas, plaster, metal, resins, ceramic bisque, papier mache, Styrofoam, paper, poster board frames, lamps, vases, figurines, candles, candle holders and fabric. Great for painting, sponging, faux finishing, and adding metallic accents to art, craft and home decor projects. Available in 2 oz. bottles.

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White Pearl, Purple Pearl, Black Pearl, Emperors Gold, Champagne Gold, Oyster Pearl, Copper, Espresso, Moss Pearl, Olive Pearl, Dark Patina, Silver Sage, Festive Green, Festive Red, Splendid Gold, Mink Pearl, Metallic Berry, Metallic Amethyst, Metallic Teal, Shimmering Silver, Glorious Gold, Venetian Gold, Bronze, Royal Ruby, Ice Blue, Crystal Green, Bright Copper, Rose Gold, Bright Brass, Coral, Scarlet


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