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Graphite Pencil Sets

options Graphic 24 (9B-9H) Pencil Set Graphic 12 Hard (B-9H) Set Graphic 12 Medium (6B-4H) Set Graphic 12 Soft (9B-H)
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The Graphic Pencil Sets contain high quality graphite pencils available in 20 versatile degrees from 9B to 9H. Soft Pencils (9B-H) are best suited to expressive sketches and portraits. Medium Pencils (6B-4H) suit design and general drawing. Hard Pencils (B-9H) are ideal for detailed illustration.

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Graphic 24 (9B-9H) Pencil Set, Graphic 12 Hard (B-9H) Set, Graphic 12 Medium (6B-4H) Set, Graphic 12 Soft (9B-H)


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