White Sketching & Tracing Paper Roll (#106), Bienfang


size 12"x20yd Roll 18"x20yd Roll 24"x20yd Roll 12"x50yd Roll 14"x50yd Roll 18"x50yd Roll 24"x50yd Roll 36"x50yd Roll
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Popular with architects, designers and engineers, this light-weight 8 lb. white sketching and tracing paper roll is excellent for developmental sketches, preliminary detail renderings and quick roughs. This paper works well with pencil, crayon, tempera and ink.

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12"x20yd Roll, 18"x20yd Roll, 24"x20yd Roll, 12"x50yd Roll, 14"x50yd Roll, 18"x50yd Roll, 24"x50yd Roll, 36"x50yd Roll


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