Teacher’s Palette (TP) Glaze Class Pack #5 (pint), Amaco – 12 Color



Glaze Class Packs for K-12+ > Teachers Palette Low Fire (Cone 05) Glazes Class Pack No. 5

This class pack contains a pint jar each of the following Teacher’s PaletteĀ® glazes: TP-62 Maize, TP-65 Pumpkin, TP-56 Scarlet, TP-54 Lilac, TP-58 Brick Red, TP-26 Robins Egg, TP-24 Medium Blue, TP-21 Midnight Blue, TP-42 Granny Smith, TP-43 Green Leaf, TP-41 Frog Green, TP-11 Cotton, and TP-1 Coal Black.


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