White Art Clay 25-M, Amaco – 50 lb (Low Fire)



White Art Clay is an extremely plastic low fire clay that is ideal for wheelthrowing, handbuilding, and modeling. Its versatile nature makes it perfect for all skill levels. AMACO® glazes maturing at Cone 05 and decorating colors are recommended for decoration

AP (Approved Product) seal in moist form
CL (Caution Label) seal for safety in dry form
Fires white – allows opaque and transparent glazes and underglazes to retain their true color and brilliance
Wider firing range – from Cone 04 to Cone 3
Resists crazing – low moisture expansion

Shrinkage: Cone 04, 6.3%
Absorption: Cone 04, 13.7%

Note: This product is only available for shipment within the Metro-Detroit area.  If you are interested in making a purchase outside of Metro-Detroit, contact us at orders@greensartsupply to inquire about availability and costs.  


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