Y & C Calligraphy Markers, Yasutomo


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These calligraphy markers are unique mini-chiseled markers that have a generous ink flow and are perfect for scrolls, serifs, flourishes and alphabetic finery. They make a great finish to scrapbooks.

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Black 2.0mm Marker, Black 3.5mm Marker, Black 5.0mm Marker, Blue 2.0mm Marker, Blue 3.5mm Marker, Blue 5.0mm Marker, Green 2.0mm Marker, Green 3.5mm Marker, Green 5.0mm Marker, Red 2.0mm Marker, Red 3.5mm Marker, Red 5.0mm Marker, Violet 2.0mm Marker, Violet 3.5mm Marker, Violet 5.0mm Marker


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