Taking a class and need some art supplies? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’ve taken so many classes that you could teach one, or you are taking your first art class and you can’t quite make sense of your material list: Greens can help you out! After our many years working with local art instructors and professors, we know what they like. Why? Because they tell us! And just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you can’t have nice stuff. Also, because you are a student, we know that you aren’t confused by the double negative in that sentence. 🙂

Our student discount program not only allows you to buy the art materials you will love and cherish and use for a long time, but also provides you with prices that will also give you some extra spending money. Just show your student ID or your class list to get started.

Most local art programs have already sent us the lists of supplies that you would need for each art class, and we’ve pre-packaged them for you by class name/number. We will even meet you AT THE DOOR TO YOUR CLASS 15 minutes before your first class begins, with a brown bag or art box filled with your required materials…just call us and ask!

Are you a teacher or professor who wants to make sure we have the materials your students need? Please call us at 248-651-3900 or send us your class list here. We can put together packets specifically designed for your class and offer an extra discount. Allow us to work with you to make sure your students are ready on their first day of class and beyond.